Review for Yamaha R1 Yamaha R3 and Kawasaki Ninja 300

today I’m talking about I fairings for the r-1 the question that everybody’s asking me when I got them is that so you can you can put fairings on your bike that are the OEM fairings and that plastic everybody knows is the top it’s it’s it’s the best that you can get out there but if you’re not if you’re gonna either replace your fairings or do what I did which is I had a brand new set of the team Edition fairings on my r1 with 100 miles on it and I didn’t want to mess them up going to the track and you everybody knows all that stuff costs a lot of money so I took all of that off put it in the garage ,cheap motorcycle fairings,I ordered I fairings which is a mid price level point fairing you’ve got your cheap your super cheap ones that are you know three four or five hundred dollars and then you got these that are in the seven eight hundred dollar range and then you got obviously your OEM that go away it from there so what do you get in that mid range well .

I have bought the cheap ones before I did it on on a bike a few years back you know six years ago or something like that maybe five and what I got was a whole bunch of broken parts all the tabs broke off so most everything that I put on there I wound up having to kind of monkey wrench around and theis you know tie strap stuff and when it was done it looked okay .

but I knew how it was put on and it just drove me crazy and the tabs on on these did did absolutely fine now first of all you pull them out of the box and the one thing you’re doing is you’re checking to make sure everything is on there out of the three sets that I ordered one for each of the three of my bikes only one of them had an issue with a tab where it was just malformed and I could have made it probably work like ,yamaha r6 fairings,it was but I just got to hold the I fear hangs and told him which part it was and they got it back to me it still I still had to wait for it to get back but they hurried it back and it wasn’t a big deal I got the I got the that replacement thing and by the way like I will say the cheap ones I would have just figured out a way to to tie strap him I just wanted to make sure .

it was right so I went ahead and got got that replaced and there again the this company is great about doing I went ahead and put them on and I didn’t have any installation issues at all and that’s a big deal for us when we were putting these on how how durable are they going to be they’re going to be right what the price tells you is they’re not going to be as durable as OAM but they’re going to be a lot better than the cheap ones so are they worth spending an extra money they are to me,2007 yamaha r6 fairings, when I don’t want the frustration of those little cheap ones that break everything and I cannot justify spending the money on om and especially when I want to cool look and let’s talk about that they will they will take it you can choose from any of the ones that they’ve already done or you can custom send them a design and they’ll paint it to match the scheme you want which is what I did and you will love that quality the paint quality and how they put that together no problems and no complaints at all it looked fantastic I was really pleased with the quality of it and they matched my design really really well so I fairings I’d go back to them in a heartbeat so if you’re looking for something in the mid level go after them and keep watching the series we’ll see you next time .

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