about us

Światlo i Cien’ Workshop – interior decorating and moulding

We are a little workshop focused on interior decorating. As a team we have been combining our crafts experience and art skills for many years. We are particularly involved in traditional decorative art using only natural materials. Every project is treated individually.

Practically it is usually impossible to separate decorating works from building ones. Our service not only includes decorating techniques but also construction work on special demand. This covers plastering, masonry, covering, painting, plaster and cardboard works, plastering and spackling.

-Our decorating works include:
-polished stucco (scagliola)
-sculpting (including reliefs, decorative panels)
-architecture details (including cornices, columns, window and door frames)
-decorative painting techniques
-restoration and conservation of historical monuments

Światlo i Cien’ Workshop
ul.Irysów 5
43-195 Mikołów /Poland
Tel. +48-665-072-313
e-mail: swiatlocien@onet.pl