How To Remove Yamaha R6 Fairings

what are blackheads today we are going to be taking the fairings off of the yamaha r6 alright just a note and getting started the reason I am taking off the fairings is for a couple of reasons one I’m going to be painting them basically changing them up I’m going to be doing an oil change which you have to have the left side bearing up for as well and then I’m also going to be doing the flush mount like LED signals on the front so in order to do that all of that you have to obviously take bearings off obviously like getting painted you have to have them off all right ,cheap motorcycle fairings,so we’re going to get started with this lower part of the fairing for it removing all this on down you guys are going to need a hex as well as a paper like a screwdriver whenever you want to get these pieces like right here so you’re going to want to press those inwards alright for them to come out and there’s a couple of those .

all nicely hidden a couple of them like in here but there’s like three of them in there so go ahead and start up and doing a bunch of these . all right so just to go over this whenever you do have all those bolts and push tabs out what you’re going to want to do it’s going to kind of get hung up on the front here this will show you guys does have these pieces right here and right here .

what those do is they slide into these notches right there and right there so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to pivot it out and compress it forward so that rotates or takes outwards kind of and then unlatches forward guess I’m kind of understand that is see alright alright well that’s how to remove the sidewalk out of there all right ,yamaha r6 fairings,so now that that site is done let’s go ahead and take off the right side same process carousing you do want to be somewhat careful with that one we will take it because it does have a little nylon washer so don’t lose that piece just so you guys can see how I do this I’m going to pull this forward and then those pieces that are latched in there basically press back you’re going to pull it kind of outwards so it clears this alright I’m going to press forwards and pull out also you’re going to want to be mindful that this is still connected so don’t pull too much all right that is it you’ve got your lower fairings removed how you look on the Harley .

there’s a lot of you go out all right so that’s how you remove your mid to lower fairings on a Yamaha r6 – a 2014 pretty sure they’re the same like 2008 through 2016 so and this is a little I need to definitely top that off but um yeah whenever you’re done just go ahead and throw that fairing on your Harley and piss a lot of people off break the internet slip right there right,r6 fairings, you guys are looking to put them back on just do it in the reverse order watch the video backwards yeah hope it helped you guys enjoy the video be sure you hit the like button if you guys have any questions post them over the comments below I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge you guys be sure to hit the like button hit the subscribe button as well if you’re not subscribed already and until next time you guys right sleep out there stay vigilant try not to post conventicle off and catch you guys later

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