2012 Abs Plastic Complete Motorcycle Fairing Kit White Pearl Body Kit

2012 Abs Plastic Complete Motorcycle Fairing Kit White Pearl Body Kit

Great care is taken to ensure that all the products are adequately packaged prior to shipping from our factory. All our products are thoroughly packed using multiple layers of foam and bubble wrap. Please provide accurate and detailed information on the extent of the damage. You need pay sample fees, but we’ll refund you once you place bulk order from us.

Q: Do you have ability of design? yamaha r1 fairings

A: Yes, we could provide custom made service, just send sample pictures, and the new one will be made for you.

Q: I would like to be sure of quality, are they injection molded, gsxr fairings with reinforcements at the screwholes?

A: Yes, all pieces come out from our ABS injection mould which exactly what we showed in our website; every pieces predrill, bolt on, the same fitment as OEM. 2003 honda cbr600rr fairing kit

Q: Is it possible to send me the picture of the complete fairing set from both sides include the fairings so I can check this?

A: 100% no problem, the real pictures will be sent to you before its shipment arranged.

Q: What do you do if i received a incorrect item or problem items ?

A: If you received an incorrect item or problem items, no extra fees will be charged, r1 fairings we will replace incorrect items and pay the additional shipping charges.

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